Go Where the Music Takes You – Inspiring Creativity In Your Design

Music is ‘soul food,’ it inspires us to let go and to feel. Music has no boundaries; it creates an atmosphere or sets a mood. Music is like an emotional playground. It is also particular to every individual. We all know what makes us feel good and we turn to music under all kinds of conditions.

Most people know exactly what song was popular when any major event happened in their life.

But, did you know… music opens the channels of creativity in your brain? The purpose of every self help in home design is to help each person find their own niche in creating a space that is perfect for them; not perfect for a designer, just perfect in their lives!

Everyone is creative; many people just don’t tap into that part of their mind. It is a closed door that music slowly opens! So, keep playing the music while you work!
I have to imagine this is where the ‘whistle while you work’ idea sprang from.

My mother had 6 children. She also maintained a perfectly clean house. Every Monday morning she faithfully removed the old wax from all the hardwood floors and applied new wax.

There were mountains of laundry involved in a household that size. Dryers were not prevalent back then. My mother carried laundry out at 6:00 AM, even on the dark winter mornings, and cheerfully hung the clothes out to freeze dry.

I love homes. I love almost everything about them. I could not, however, understand why in the world anyone would work as hard as she did and never complain.

She made our clothes, taught Sunday school classes, directed the choir and finally went to work at a large newspaper and quietly and without telling us so, was awarded the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Journalism.

One day I finally asked her, “Why don’t you EVER complain?” It was not natural! I helped as much as I could, we all did, there was just too much to do and still, she did it.

Her response was so simple, “Instead of being resentful, I work for God and for my family that I love.”

She said she had never thought much about the volume of work, only that she was thankful to have a home that she could make her family comfortable in.

Maybe most of us feel that way about our parents or someone influential in our lives.

They seem to maintain standards that are always a beacon of light in the dark. My mother played music all the while she was sewing, cooking, canning and getting the next class ready or disciplining all of us children.

I swear it made her smile, and she was anything if not creative in her methods of making us look for a better way to handle the jobs she insisted we do.

We have all heard the axiom that the longest journey begins with the first step; I believe it is begins before that.

I believe that when something matters to us a lot, we harbor a dream, so dare to dream. The dream fans a tiny flame, a pilot light that ignites hope. Hope springs to life when we begin to believe that there might be a way to accomplish the dream. Once we believe in the dream, we begin to realize that dream.

It is then that the first step in a long journey begins. I appreciate your joining me on this realizing this dream. I hope your ‘Make It Mine’ experience has provided helpful ideas and information for you to live by and with.